6 ways of using AI in your survey and analysis

Creating and analysing surveys can be a time-consuming process. Save time by using AI when designing your survey and summarizing the results. Here are 6 tips on how you can leverage AI in your survey and analysis.

1. Get Suggestions for Questions and Answer Options

Formulating relevant and effective survey questions can be challenging. AI tools can simplify this process by generating suggestions for questions and answer options. You still have control over which suggestions to use, but getting tips from AI can save you time.

2. Translate Your Survey Using AI

In a globalized world, surveys can reach a diverse audience, and offering multilingual support is crucial. Use AI-based translation tools to quickly translate your survey into different languages. This enhances accessibility, ensuring that participants with various native languages can participate without hindrance. Just remember to have a human review the translation for quality assurance!

3. Let AI Describe the Survey

Often, analysts forget to properly describe the conducted survey in the report, jumping straight to the results. Have AI generate a concise and informative description of the survey based on the questions asked.

4. Have AI Describe Your Graphs in Words

Understanding and communicating survey results can be challenging, especially for those not accustomed to interpreting graphical data. Use AI to generate text-based descriptions of your charts and graphs. This makes it easier for everyone to comprehend and draw conclusions from the results.

5. Summarize Open-Ended Responses with AI

Open-ended responses often provide deeper insights, but manually analyzing them can be time-consuming. Use AI to automatically summarize and categorize open-ended responses. This saves time and provides an overview of the key categories emerging from participants’ comments.

6. Code Open-Ended Responses with AI

To quantify and analyze open-ended responses, AI can be used to code them into categories or themes. AI can efficiently code and categorize large amounts of open-ended responses, providing you with quantitative data that can be integrated with other results.


By integrating these six ways to use AI, you can optimize your surveys to gain deeper insights in an efficient and time-saving manner. So, the next time you plan a survey, consider harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the quality and efficiency of the entire process.

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