PowerPoint Templates

Download our free PowerPoint Chart Templates. Want to auto create charts from your data sets? Our PowerPoint automation experts can help you!

Free PowerPoint Chart Templates

Download our PowerPoint chart templates and get visualization inspiration. Report examples for:

Market Research
Employee Satisfaction Survey
360 Feedback
Basic survey charts

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Market Research Charts

Segment comparisons

This report template makes it effortless to identify similarities and differences across various subgroups.
The “Top 2 Box” metric is used to describe positive attitudes among respondents.
Segments with significantly higher/lower values are highlighted.

Employee Survey Charts

Coloured averages report

The colour of charts and tables are based on the averages.
Darker green means higher average, red means lower average.

Employee Survey Charts

Q&A report

This pedagogic report is structured to answer a set of questions like

In which areas did improve/worsened compared to previous study?
In which areas are you below or above the company average?
Which areas have the highest correlation with overall satisfaction?

NPS Visualizations

NPS Charts

Visualization ideas for your NPS® or eNPS® survey.

Explains in a pedagogic way how NPS is calculated from Promoters and Detractors percentages.

Compares NPS between your sub groups and business units.

360 Degree Feedback Charts

360° Report

Charts and tables for 360 Degree Feedback Surveys. Compare self assessment with peers, managers and direct reporting/employees.

Basic Survey Charts

Percentages report

These basic PowerPoint chart templates shows the percentage distribution of survey questions. A mix of pie charts, column charts and stacked bar charts.

Automate Your PowerPoint Charts

Found a chart template that you like?

Want to populate it with your data?

We can help you. This is how it is done:

1. Files

Upload your data

All we need from you to get started is your:

  • Data file. SPSS (.sav) is preferred, but we also accept Excel data files.

Contact us using the form below.
You will get a login where you can securely upload your file.

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2. Preview your report

Web meeting

We produce a report from your data set and present it to you in a web meeting. If you are not happy with what you see you don’t have to order the report.
No costs apply.

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3. Approve costs

Get a quote

Before placing your order you’ll get a cost specification for your report(s).


First report: 395€

  • 45 € / report up to 10
  • 22.5 € / reports 11-25
  • 13.5 € / reports above 25
Included is up to 100 data columns and 1000 data rows. Above that:
  • 1 € / column
  • 0,1 € / row

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4. Download

Download your reports

If you go ahead and order your report it will be available for you to download shortly after the meeting.
You also have the chance to change/shorten questions and answer alternative texts before receiving final reports.

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Order charts preview #ChartTemplates

Add your contact details below to get a free of charge (limited offer) report preview from your data set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SPSS .sav file?

SPSS (.sav) file is the standard format in which you typically save your SPSS-files. This format includes all the information we need to convert your data file to a first-class PowerPoint presentation. We can also manage other file types, but the .sav file contains all the necessary information to ensure nothing gets lost or misinterpreted.

Can I export a .sav file from my survey tool?

For most survey tools, the answer is yes, but they need to be able to export data in the SPSS .sav file type since this format works best with our report templates. The following survey platforms support exporting to SPSS .sav:

Can I use my own PowerPoint theme?

Yes, you can use the themes in our report templates or your own corporate theme. Using your own PowerPoint theme comes at an additional cost of 400 € (one time cost).

Can I make adjustments to the PowerPoint report before I download it?

Yes! Once you have sent us the information and data file, we will create a draft of the PowerPoint report based on our report templates. This draft will be presented to you during a video meeting where you can give us feedback and we make adjustments to the PowerPoint as needed. Once you are satisfied and have agreed to the costs we will send the PowerPoint report to you.

Can you help me automate my current report?

Can’t find a report template that you like? Do you want to pick and choose from several templates? We can replicate your current report and automate the data population!

What type of data are the various PowerPoint report templates suitable for?

We offer several different PowerPoint report templates designed to inspire and help you display a wide variety of data clearly and concisely. They can be used for market research, employee satisfaction surveys, NPS studies, and 360-degree feedback.