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Does this sound familiar?

  • You have conducted a survey.
  • You want to make it easier to analyse the data.
  • Manually creating charts is not what you want to spend your time on.
  • You need PowerPoint reports shortly after the fieldwork ends.

Let our team of reporting professionals do the job
or license our platform.
You choose!

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Many reports or just one?

Regardless if you need to create many similar PowerPoint slide decks (e.g., one per organisation, country, department, or manager) or just one report packed with charts – we can help you!


PowerPoint Report Templates

Same price for all our templates (populated with your data).

1 report


  • Select any template
  • 1 report with your data
  • Easily switch to your layout
50 reports


  • Select any template
  • 50 reports from your data set
  • Your PowerPoint theme


€ / month

Use our platform.
Upload your data.
Unlimited number of projects.

  • 10,000 rows per year
  • 13.5 € / report above 1
Cost specifications:

Report costs
1 report is included in the base cost of 395 €.
Additional reports:
45 € / report number 2 – 10
22.5 € / report number 11-25
13.5 € / report above 25

Extra for large data sets
Included per project is up to:
100 data columns
1000 data rows

Above that:
1 € / column
0,1 € / row

Your colours & fonts
Reports in your PowerPoint theme: 400 €


Getting started

1. Files

Upload your data

All we need from you to get started is your:

  • Data file. SPSS (.sav) is preferred, but we also accept Excel data files.

Contact us using the form below.
You will get a login where you can securely upload your file.

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2. Preview your report

Web meeting

We produce a report from your data set and present it to you in a web meeting. If you are not happy with what you see you don’t have to order the report.
No costs apply.

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3. Approve costs

Get a quote

Before placing your order you’ll get a cost specification for your report(s).


First report: 395€

  • 45 € / report up to 10
  • 22.5 € / reports 11-25
  • 13.5 € / reports above 25
Included is up to 100 data columns and 1000 data rows. Above that:
  • 1 € / column
  • 0,1 € / row

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4. Download

Download your reports

If you go ahead and order your report it will be available for you to download shortly after the meeting.
You also have the chance to change/shorten questions and answer alternative texts before receiving final reports.

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Our report templates

Our reports works regardless of your survey questions.

Select one of our reports below and upload your data.

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Market Research Report

Segment comparisons

This report template makes it effortless to identify similarities and differences across various subgroups.

The “Top 2 Box” metric is used to describe positive attitudes among respondents.

Segments with significantly higher/lower values are highlighted.

Employee Survey Report

Coloured averages report

Easily compare your scores. The colour of charts and tables in this report are based on the averages.

Darker green means higher average, red means lower average.

Instead of displaying the values of previous study we calculate the differences / delta and colour negative development red and positive development green.

Employee Survey Report

Q&A report

This pedagogic report is structured in sections. Each section set out to answer a question, like “In which areas did improve/worsened compared to previous study?” or “In which areas are you below or above the company average?”.

This way we help the report recipient identify the most important areas in need of development.

Pinpoint areas with the greatest discrepancy between groups.

Justify through ranking lists showing the strongest departments at the same or underlying levels.

Inspire by showing the biggest positive changes since the last measurement.

Basic Survey Report

Percentages report

This basic PowerPoint report shows the percentage distribution of each survey question.

You get a mix of pie charts, column charts, bar charts and answer clouds. The type of chart is based is based on visualisation best practices.

Open ends / verbatim are also included in the report.


Your colour theme?

If you order just one report you can easily just switch to your organisation’s layout theme directly in PowerPoint to get the colours and fonts that you are used to.

If you order multiple reports we use your PowerPoint theme.


Automate your report

Can’t find a report template that you like?
Do you want to pick and choose from several templates?
Want us to replicate your current reports?

Excel tables

Cross tabs

Need cross-tabs in Excel?

Coloured significant values – Enhanced clarity of sub group differences.
Percentages and counts – Both are presented.
Top 2 Box score (T2B) & Average

Want to know more before you order a report?

Or ask us a question below:


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SPSS .sav file?

An SPSS .sav file is the standard format in which you typically save your SPSS-files. This format includes all the information we need to convert your data file to a first-class PowerPoint presentation. We can also manage other file types, but the .sav file contains all the necessary information to ensure nothing gets lost or misinterpreted.

Can I export a .sav file from my survey tool?

For most survey tools, the answer is yes, but they need to be able to export data in the SPSS .sav file type since this format works best with our report templates. The following survey platforms support exporting to SPSS .sav:

What happens to my data and reports once the report is finished?

Your data and reports are stored and can be downloaded up to 12 months from the creation date. If you have a platform license, the data is kept until you either delete it manually or terminate your license.

Can I use my own PowerPoint theme?

Yes, you can use the themes in our report templates or your own corporate theme. Using your own PowerPoint theme comes at an additional cost of 400 € (one time cost).

Can I make adjustments to the PowerPoint report before I download it?

Yes! Once you have sent us the information and data file, we will create a draft of the PowerPoint report based on our report templates. This draft will be presented to you during a video meeting where you can give us feedback and we make adjustments to the PowerPoint as needed. Once you are satisfied and have agreed to the costs we will send the PowerPoint report to you.

What type of data are the various PowerPoint report templates suitable for?

We offer several different PowerPoint report templates designed to inspire and help you display a wide variety of data clearly and concisely. They can be used for market research, employee satisfaction surveys, NPS studies, and 360-degree feedback.

I have conducted a survey and want to display averages across various subgroups. What PowerPoint report template is best suited for this?

There are two templates that might serve your purpose, mainly depending on how you wish the data to be displayed.
A segment comparison report is a good choice for identifying similarities and differences between the different subgroups. Segments with very high or low averages are highlighted for even easier identification.
The Coloured Averages report lets you display averages across subgroups. The averages are colour-coded so that darker green shows high results and red means lower results.

How do I get access to the PowerPoint Report templates?

All our PowerPoint report templates are available on our website; getting access to them is very simple.
1. First, you choose what template you would like to display your data.
2. Secondly, you upload your data files, which we then use to populate your report.
3. Thirdly, you preview the report and inform us of any changes you want to make.
4. Finally, you download the report and use it as you wish.