PowerPoint reports

Do you create PowerPoint reports manually by pasting charts from Excel, page by page? Let us automate the process!

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Stop cutting and pasting!

We automate your PowerPoint report. Faster delivery, with less risk of errors.


Focus on the result. Automate routine work

Creating surveys is not difficult. Compiling the results is. We will help you!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You have conducted a survey.
  • You want to do the analysis yourselves, but cutting and pasting charts from Excel to PowerPoint is not what you want to spend your time on.
  • You don’t have the time to become an expert on a report automation platform.
  • You need reports shortly after the fieldwork ends.

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Many or recurring reports?

  • Do you need to create many similar PowerPoint reports (e.g., one per organisation, country, department, or manager)?

  • Need to update the reports on a recurring basis (e.g. yearly, quarterly, or monthly)?

We can create thousands of PowerPoint presentations and automate the updates!


Relevant comparisons

Help the report recipient identify the most important areas in need of development by pinpointing areas with the greatest discrepancy compared to the average. Justify through ranking lists showing the strongest departments at the same or underlying levels. Inspire by showing the biggest positive changes since the last measurement.


Advanced statistical calculations

We enable quick insights from the survey by visualising connections and colour coding significant differences.

Significance – Emphasise significant differences using colours in both tables and graphs.
Correlation – Visualise correlations with overall satisfaction in priority matrices.
Indexes / dimensions – Correlate several questions to question area averages.
0-100 Average – Convert averages to a 0-100 scale.
AI Analytics – Let ChatGPT analyze your charts and write summaries

Visualise for insight

We help you to produce great reports with:

Colour Coded Tables – Make it easy to identify strong and weak values ​​by colour coding tables.
Combined Graphs u0026amp; Tables – Combine graph data, e.g., a temperature graph with table data as comparisons within the organisation, or differences from the previous measurement.
Word Clouds – Present multiple word clouds on a page comparing responses from different departments.
Priority Matrices – Provide recipients with their own unique priority matrix that shows strengths and prioritised development areas through correlation analysis.
Your special requests – we handle the majority of graph types supported in Microsoft Office.

Reports in your template

We create the PowerPoint reports in your organisation’s layout. Fonts and colours in the graphs are according to your design.

It’s that simple

1. Files

Send us your files

All we need from you is:

  • Data from your survey (Excel/SPSS)
  • The survey (PDF, Word or Excel)
  • Your PowerPoint design
  • Do you want us to imitate a report you previously created? Send it to us!
When we have received your documents, we hold a start-up meeting and discuss your needs and ideas for the reports.

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2. Sample report

We produce a sample report

We produce a sample report that you must approve before we produce final reports. We know which visualizations work best for different question types and which comparisons are usually relevant to make. If you have created reports in the past that you want us to imitate, we will use them as the basis for the report.

Within a couple of days you will have a first report version.

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3. Delivery

We create your reports

Once we have an approved sample report, we create your reports.
Do you have an updated raw data file? No problem – send it first and we’ll use it to create the final reports.
Within a couple of days you will have your finished reports!

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Prices PowerPoint reporting

A professional sets up and automates your PowerPoint report.

We take care of everything for you, aside from the analysis.

A long report


  • 50 data columns
  • 50 report pages
  • 1 PowerPoint
50 short reports


  • 50 data columns
  • 20 report pages
  • 50 PowerPoints
Repeats (same layout)


  • €45 / report above 1
  • €22.5 / report above 10
  • €13.5 / report above 25

Unit price in addition to the above:

Per column in the data file: €18

Per page in the report template: €45

Per calculated variable: €45

If your PowerPoint report does not fit into the packages above, please contact us for a customised quote. We calculate our prices based on the number of columns in the data file, number of pages in the report template, number of reports we create, etc.

Discuss your PowerPoint needs with us!

Get in touch and we’ll improve the efficiency of your report creation.


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