PowerPoint reports

Show us your current report(s) and we let you know if we can automate the production of it!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to automate the production of your organisation’s PowerPoint reports.

  • Ensuring that the reports maintain a layout consistent with the existing reports is crucial.

Book a meeting, show us your current report and get a quote!


Your PowerPoint theme

We create the PowerPoint reports in your organisation’s layout. Fonts and colours are according to your design.

All our charts are native PowerPoint charts (not images).

It’s that simple

1. Files

Send us your files

All we need from you is:

  • Data from your survey (Excel/SPSS)
  • The survey (PDF, Word or Excel)
  • Your PowerPoint design
  • Do you want us to imitate a report you previously created? Send it to us!
When we have received your documents, we hold a start-up meeting and discuss your needs and ideas for the reports.

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2. Sample report

We produce a sample report

We produce a sample report that you must approve before we produce final reports. We know which visualizations work best for different question types and which comparisons are usually relevant to make. If you have created reports in the past that you want us to imitate, we will use them as the basis for the report.

Within a couple of days you will have a first report version.

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3. Delivery

We create your reports

Once we have an approved sample report, we create your reports.
Do you have an updated raw data file? No problem – send it first and we’ll use it to create the final reports.
Within a couple of days you will have your finished reports!

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Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored safely on our servers in Sweden.

What happens to my data and reports once the report is finished?

Your data and reports are stored and can be downloaded up to 12 months from the creation date. If you have a platform license, the data is kept until you either delete it manually or terminate your license.

Can you mimic any report layout and charts?

Not everything, but we can recreate most of the native charts in Microsoft Office.

Are you providing professional services or a platform?

Both. Our professional services team will implement your report layout. Afterward, you have the option to either continue purchasing our services or license our platform to create new reports on your own.

Can you automatically include advanced statistical calculations in the reports?

Yes, our platform supports significance tests, correlation, 0-100 averages, Top2Box, index calculations and more.

Can AI be used in the reports?

Yes, AI (via OpenAI integration) can be used to describe charts and tables, to write interesting headlines or to analyze open ends / verbatim.

Is there a limit on the number of reports that can be produced from a data set?

Not really. We are used to really large report project with several thousand reports, i.e employee study reporting in large organisations.

How do you deliver the reports?

You will have access to a dashboard where you can download all the PowerPoint reports in a zip file. If you like, each of your report receiver can get unique logins to the dashboard to download their own reports.


PowerPoint Report Automation

We recreate your current PowerPoint report layout in our platform. Re-usable and automated.

Then it is your choice if you start using our platform or order reports on an ad hoc basis from our Professional services team.

Your PPT Automated


We create your report template that is used for your upcoming studies.
You’ll get a demo report from up to:

  • 100 data columns
  • 10 templates*
  • 100 pages
  • 1000 data rows
Report as a service


€ / project

Use your custom report template in a new study.
Just upload the data file.
We’ll create the reports.

  • 45 € / report up to 10
  • 22.5 € / reports 11-25
  • 13.5 € / reports > 25
Platform License


€ / month

Use our platform.
Upload your data.
Unlimited number of projects.

  • 60,000 data rows / year
  • 10 reports / project
  • 13.5 € / report above 10
  • 2 pro users
Cost specifications:

* A template is a standardization of how to visualise a certain type of question.

Extra report pages
Additional templates: 180 €
Project specific report pages: 90 €

Extra for large data sets
Included per project is up to:
100 data columns
1000 data rows

Above that:
1 € / column
0,1 € / row

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