4 Employee Survey Report Tips

Employee surveys are powerful tools for understanding organizational dynamics, but their true impact lies in the ability to translate data into actionable insights for each manager. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key elements of creating effective employee survey reports, combining structured presentation with insightful tips to empower organizations in making informed decisions.

Here are four tips to consider when creating your next Employee Survey PowerPoint reports:

1. Determine the Questions the Report Should Answer

Before assembling your report, you must decide which questions the report should answer. Once you have this information, it becomes much easier to choose the relevant information and the order of your slides.

Examples of questions to address:

  • How have we progressed compared to the previous measurement?
  • How well are we doing compared to others?
  • What is most important for us to improve?
  • Are there specific groups that are particularly satisfied/dissatisfied?

The presentation should function as a guide that helps the reader arrive at the answers or conclusions you want to convey.

2. Not just one report

In employee surveys, it’s rarely just one person or role who should be informed of the results. Describe who the recipients of the survey report are. Different roles in the company needs answers to different questions or data filtered in different ways.

This is why you need to create several reports in employee surveys. You need to create at least one overall report and one report per manager.

3. Address One Question at a Time

Now it is time to create the structure for each report type (i.e. the “Total report” and “manager reports”). Start with presenting the questions from point 1 above and answer them one by one by simple and pedagogical visualizations.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use chart types that people are familiar with, primarily bar and line charts. Maintain a consistent colour palette and design throughout the report. Ensure that each colour has the same meaning throughout the entire report.

The important thing is that the chart helps answer the question you are trying to help the reader understand.

4. Conclude with an Appendix

Conclude the report with an appendix containing graphs that present all the survey questions. This section is for readers who really want to delve into the details. 

Download our employee survey report templates for more Tips and Chart / Visualization ideas. Use our service team or platform to automatically create all your PowerPoint reports!