Survey and Report Automation for Market Research Agencies

Do you recognize this situation?

Are you running a market research company? Struggling to maintain profitability? Worried about key personnel leaving the company? Then it might be time to review your routines and workflows.

At Research Automators, we can help you streamline your operations by automating manual steps, allowing you to spend more time creating added value.

Own systems often fall short

Many market research companies wonder how to improve profitability, increase quality, and maintain desired flexibility. Creating your own system may seem like a smart move at first. But often, it becomes an expensive alternative as you constantly need to maintain and develop the technology. By reviewing all processes and deliveries, we can help you find new ways to run your survey business.

Automation provides more time for important tasks

Through automation and streamlining, non-profit-generating and time-consuming tasks can be removed from your employees. This gives them time to work on tasks such as analysis and insights, which add value to the customer.

Today, technology is mature enough to eliminate manual tasks like manual report generation, where the “cut-and-paste method” is often used. Through efficient system support, you can instead create polished and useful PowerPoint reports and dashboards with just a few clicks. The result is happier employees as they get to use their skills to create insights and, of course, better material for your customers to make decisions on.

Eliminate vulnerabilities with automation

In many cases, a few individuals hold critical knowledge that would be devastating if lost. This may involve recurring surveys always conducted by the same person, or certain critical systems handled by only one or two people.

During a review of processes and deliveries, such vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed. Well-developed systems also have intuitive user interfaces, making it easier for multiple people to perform important tasks without extensive training.

Increased flexibility with a scalable system

It is also not uncommon for market research companies to experience an uneven distribution of work throughout the year. Building a business based on either peaks or valleys will either result in too high costs or too low flexibility to take on new assignments.

Here, a scalable system can contribute significantly by ensuring that time-consuming and repetitive tasks are automated. Employees can instead focus on what makes your company unique. With built-in flexibility in their workflow, they can handle both new and existing client assignments in the best way possible.

One click to start automating

However, simply purchasing a system is not enough, as it must be integrated with existing processes. It’s important to find a partner who can help you develop the right solution based on your circumstances.

Do you want a partner who truly understands your business and can help you with both small and large challenges? Then contact us for a Research Automation Workshop. There, we’ll go through what you need to do and where to start to get the best results.