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Qustions? We’ve got answers.

Have a look at some questions we frequently receive from clients. If you cant find the answers you’re looking for, feel very free to contact us.

Are you aligned with the GDPR?

We love the GDPR and have a broad understanding of what is required by those working with survey research.

First of all we always make sure we have data processing agreements with both clients and sub processors clearly describing how personal data is handled (by the way here’s an updated list of our sub processors)

We’ve built our platform from the ground up to safely handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR. This means personal is data is always flagged and kept from unintentional handling or exports. It also means that when a study is finished the personal data can be surgically removed without losing the possibility of future analysis.

All logins having access to personal data, be it administrators, our users or client logins are always protected via two-factor authentication and encrypted data transfers.

All our data is kept safely within the EU and our company is fully owned and managed from Sweden.

What should researchers think about regarding surveys and the GDPR?

Here’s a GDPR-checklist for researchers working with surveys:

  • Don’t collect unnecessary personal data
  • Delete personal data when your study is completed
  • Clearly inform participants about how personal data is handled in terms of “who, what, why and how long”
  • Clearly describe the legal ground for handling personal data (normally consent or legitimate interests)
  • Make sure to setup routines for deleting personal data
  • Create a registry of all the personal data you store
  • Don’t handle sensitive personal data without explicit consent
  • Make sure you have processing agreements with all clients and sub processors
  • Publish documents showing clearly how you are in alignment with the GDPR

How are you handling redundancy and backups?

Our servers are mirrored in realtime to two separate server centers linked with a speed of 100 000 Mbit/s. If a server or server center goes down or needs an update the next server center takes over without downtime for our users. (The solution is made possible by our partner Layer&Mash – read more at Their solution has no single-point-of-failure.

Every single project in our platform has at least three recovery points corresponding to the the three last days when the project was saved. When needed or when a mistake has been made a project can be restored entirely with the click of a button.

The recovery points are in turn saved at a separate server center from a separate provider, who in turn has has their own backup system.  In the very unlikely case of a full server corruption the backup provider can take over with all relevant data restored within approximately 60 minutes.

Are you a research company?

Nope, researchers are our valued clients. We do not write questions and do not sell analysis. We’re a good partner when you know what questions you want to ask and how to analyze the results.

We help researchers and insight managers automate the process of going from survey data to reports & insights.

Can I give our clients direct access to data from our research?

End clients can get secured access through a two-factor authenticated login where they can get access to selected parts of a survey project:

  • Survey: See, test, export and make text changes to the survey
  • Distribution: Import and export participants and send invitations and reminders.
  • Data: Export survey data in Excel-format or SPSS
  • Report: View and export aggregated results in as dashboard, crosstabs and PowerPoint-presentations tailored to your needs
  • Analysis: Make your own analysis and cross tabs and export the results to Excel or PowerPoint.

Just as the rest of the platform our client access is built from the ground up in alignment with the GPDR. That means personal data is protected from unwanted or unintentional access.

All personal data in a survey project is flagged and clients may therefore get full access to results without access to the personal data connection.

By giving clients access to e.g. direct upload of survey participants the GDPR principle of data minimization is better fulfilled. This is because it avoids transferring personal data via email or duplicated via external file services. Instead the participants are imported directly and clients may directly select to share only the data columns actually needed for the study.

Can I create my own surveys in your platform?

Sure! Hundreds of surveys are created by researchers in our platform each year. The surveys range from ongoing brand trackers and political surveys to huge employee studies where reports are generated and distributed to thousands of managers within large organisations.

However if you work with surveys more rarely we suggest you let one of our survey pros handle the hard work for you.