Coloured Averages

Easily compare your scores. The colour of charts and tables are based on the averages.

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The report structure

The employee survey reports has two different versions:

Total report
The results for the whole organisation with sub group comparisons.

Department / Manager reports
Slim version of the total report.

In all reports

All reports present the average of each scale question with colours based on the score. Darker green means higher average, red means lower average.

Question area indexes
Question area indexes are shown in the beginning of the report.
One section per question area
The report is structured into sections, one for each question area.
Differences compared to previous study
Instead of displaying the values of previous study we calculate the differences / delta and colour negative development red and positive development green.
Manager / Department reports

For each question area, pages with the following three features are presented:

Comparisons to previous study
For each question the difference compared to the previous study is calculated and displayed.
Comparisons to the company total
For each question the difference compared to the company total is calculated and displayed.
Open ends / Comments
In manager / department reports all open ends are included.
Total report

The total report (and other reports on aggregated levels like Country, Region or Business Area) also includes pages with breakdown variables like gender and age and a priority matrix:

Comparing departments / managers
Easily compare the score of each department or manager on every question.
Comparing breakdown variables
Are there any differences between age groups, genders and other important breakdowns?
Priority Matrix
A priority matrix shows the questions with the highest correlation with the overall satisfaction.


Getting started

1. Files

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  • Data file. SPSS (.sav) is preferred, but we also accept Excel data files.

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2. Preview your report

Web meeting

We produce a report from your data set and present it to you in a web meeting. If you are not happy with what you see you don’t have to order the report.
No costs apply.

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3. Approve costs

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First report: 395€

  • 45 € / report up to 10
  • 22.5 € / reports 11-25
  • 13.5 € / reports above 25
Included is up to 100 data columns and 1000 data rows. Above that:
  • 1 € / column
  • 0,1 € / row

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4. Download

Download your reports

If you go ahead and order your report it will be available for you to download shortly after the meeting.
You also have the chance to change/shorten questions and answer alternative texts before receiving final reports.

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