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Numerical data collection process

Do you collect data by asking respondents to provide statistics via web forms or Excel files?
We have a more efficient method.

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Avoid the hassle!

We manage data collection and automatically send reminders to those who do not respond in time. We automate the quality review of the data as much as possible.


Customized reports

Don’t waste time cutting and pasting your reports. We tailor the dashboard and PowerPoint to your needs in your own template. Advanced calculations and visualizations are no problem! You can focus on finding trends and creating insights.

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Do you find yourself in this situation?

You compile numerical data by asking informants to fill in data in web forms or Excel files and email them to you.

You feel that you are spending too much time:

Reminding those who do not respond on time
Reviewing the reported data for quality
Asking follow-up questions to informants with noteworthy data
Compiling and visualizing the data


Advanced data controls

We ensure that the data is checked directly in the web form where the data provider enters/uploads their data.
Choose from a range of quality controls:

Required questions
A range of allowed min and max values
“Of which”- Checks that sub-data do not exceed totals
Show the previous period’s reported value and warn the informant in the event of a large deviation
Hard controls – The data provider cannot submit their data if it gets stuck in the check
Soft controls – The data provider needs to provide a comment on the reported value

Visualized for faster insights

We prepare a dashboard where you can share results directly on the screen or download PowerPoints and Excel tables.

Time series – show development per quarter or aggregated annual values
Colored tables – Make it easier to identify strong and weak values
Just show the growth of the industry…
…or let each reporting party receive a unique dashboard where their own company’s development is compared with that of the industry
Two-step verified dashboard – secure login to the results so that only authorized people see the results

Reports in your own template

We use your or your client’s PowerPoint templates directly on the platform. All reports are exported directly in the template with actual graphs so that you can work freely or make your own adjustments.

It’s this simple

1. Survey data

Submit questionnaire documentation

Send the questionnaire documentation in the format that works best for you. Usually in Word, Excel, or PDF.

Your questions are our base. Start by submitting the document that describes your survey, i.e., the questions you want to ask.

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2. Survey creation

The questionnaire is set up

A professional creates your survey so that it is easy to answer on both mobile phones and computers. We know which interfaces work best for which query types, and which lists should be randomised to avoid bias in the data.

Within 1-3 working days, you will have a first version that you test via your own project login. Now that you can see and test the survey, you may want to adjust something. Send over everything you want to have changed in a document and we will solve it within one working day.

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3. Send-outs to information providers

Email, SMS or letter

You provide us with a list of information providers and any background data. We handle all send-outs and reminders. You get access to an admin tool that allows you at any time to:

– See status and possibility to see and edit answers
– send additional reminders
– Do your own reminders and update contact information
– Add or remove information providers
– Download raw data

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4. Report

Customized report

We now tailor dashboards, Powerpoint and tables according to your needs in your own template.
The reports are distributed via our stylish report portal.

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Any questions?

Get in touch and we will discuss your your numerical data collection process.


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