Customer & employee surveys

Do you have a good questionnaire for your customer or employee surveys? We help you streamline the process from survey to dashboards with unique input from managers or departments. Help your recipients draw conclusions and change through relevant organisational comparisons and visualisations.


Deliver reports to an organisational hierarchy

Each manager or department will receive their own unique secured report login only including relevant data. The structure of the report is tailored once per project, both for small companies with a single level of management, and large ones with extensive organisational branches.


Relevant comparisons

Help managers find the most important areas in need of development by pinpointing areas with the greatest discrepancy compared to the organisation at large. Justify through ranking lists showing the strongest departments at the same or underlying levels. Inspire by showing the greatest positive changes since the previous measurement.


Advanced statistical calculations

Enable insights from the survey by visualising connections and colour code significant differences.

Significance – Emphasise significant differences using colours in both tables and graphs.
Correlation – Visualise correlations with overall satisfaction in priority matrices.
Indexes / dimensions – Correlate several questions to provide one value, e.g., NKI or NMI.
NPS – Visualise the difference between negative and positive responses.
0-100 Average – Convert averages to a 0-100 scale.

Visualise for insight

Colour Coded Tables – Make it easy to identify strong and weak values ​​by colour coding tables.
Combined Graphs & Tables – Combine graph data, e.g., a temperature graph with table data as comparisons within the organisation, or differences from the previous measurement.
Word Clouds – Present multiple word clouds on a page comparing responses from different departments.
Priority Matrices – Provide recipients with their own unique priority matrix that shows strengths and prioritised development areas through correlation analysis.
Custom Visualisations – Design your graph in PowerPoint and upload it as a template for unlimited design possibilities.

Reports in your own template

Via their own login, the recipient can download a customised PowerPoint report, which is presented in your own or your customer’s template. You have full freedom to decide exactly how the report is structured and designed.

Discuss time-wasters and automation with us!

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